Sourdough Episode 1: Starting the Starter

Recently, a friend of mine recommended a new Netflix called Cooked. The third episode, titled “Air”, is all about bread.

If I gave you a bag of flour and water […] you could live on that for a while, but eventually you would die. But if you […] bake it into bread, you could live indefinitely.

— “Air”, Episode 3 Cooked

I never really considered that flour and water are the only necessary ingredients in bread. Maybe there’s a pinch of salt too, but that’s all. The yeast that makes bread bread is in the air all around us. With some flour and water we can cultivate natural yeast into a thick, bubbling bowl of starter and use it to make bread indefinitely. That’s what I hear anyways, so I’m giving it a try.

Sourdough starter on day 0

Following a sourdough starter recipe from the kitchn, I combined the first batch of flour and water earlier tonight. I have to “feed” it every 24 hours for the next five-ish days. I’ll report back on how it goes.


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