Twitter over RSS

Published 10/4/2021 by Colby Rabideau

I don't go on Twitter much any more. Somewhere along the line it just lost its daily appeal for me. Lately, I've had a bit of an RSS renaissance. RSS reading these days with Reeder 5 on Mac and iOS is a great experience. I've discovered that much of the content I want to keep up with is available on RSS already.

But alas, there's still some tweeters I wish I could keep up with. Talking with a couple friends whose tweets I regularly miss, I found myself wondering if I could get their posts into Reeder. There are some services that do it already, like feeder and, but they cost $$$.

Those services seem to work just fine, but since I'm at RC, I figured I'd take a crack a building something like that myself. I might as well spend a few dollars on a Digital Ocean VM and and learn something along the way. So here it is...


Screenshot of

It'll give you an RSS feed for a public twitter account to use with your feed reader of choice!

For example, you can find @recursecenter at

@recursecenter in Reeder

I'm planning to keep this running in a low-key fashion unless I exhaust my Twitter API rate limit. You can use it at or host your own instance if you're feeling DIY.